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Abledbody.com: For The Deaf, Captioned Tours Wherever You Roam

Logo for AbledbodyI am writing some articles for Abledbody.com, which delivers news, insights and reviews on disability and assistive technology.  Suzanne Robitaille is the founder and editor of this wonderful site, and she just recently published a book, “The Illustrated Guide to Assistive Technology & Devices.”  I have been working with Suzanne on Abledbody over the last several months.

Here are the links to two articles I posted today, which are both about Keen Guides, an Arlington, Virginia-based startup which develops and delivers captioned audio and video tours for the deaf and hard-of-hearing on mobile platforms such as the iPhone.  The second article was co-written with Suzanne Robitaille.

First Article: For the Deaf, Captioned Tours Wherever You Roam
Second Article: An Accessible Museum Tour In Your Hand

Feel free to provide comments to my articles at Abledbody.com.

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